“I had the good fortune of meeting Bill early this year. Since that time we have worked together on a number of project teams. He is warm, friendly, and quick with a smile – all key traits for someone in the event planning field. Bill is a great communicator, often employing his sense of humor and background in improv to help deliver his message. He is sincere and clearly interested in helping others – I know this from his volunteer work with the American Red Cross and from regularly seeing him provide advice or input to others when asked. One of the teams we have both participated on involves the use of social media for marketing purposes, and he demonstrates his growing knowledge of this field regularly via his contributions to this team as well as via his blog, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Bill would be a great addition to any organization looking for someone with this skill set and a “can do” attitude.”

Chris Bigelow, Senior Industrial / Manufacturing Engineer, Seeking next position
was with another company when working with Bill at Pursuing employment opportunities

“I know Bill through several networking groups in the Rochester area, and we’ve worked together on a few projects regarding our mutual job searches. I would describe Bill as being professional, organized, intuitive, insightful, motivated, helpful, positive, dependable, productive and an all-around good person. Bill has a great grasp of social media and social media marketing and is a natural leader. He would make a great addition to any organization involved with event planning, marketing and/or social media!”

Arthur Catalanello, Advertising/Marketing Research Analyst/Manager, I am currently looking for a new opportunity
was with another company when working with Bill at Pursuing employment opportunities

“Bill and I belong to several networking groups together. I appreciate Bill’s enthusiasm and ability to provide insight, humor and whatever is needed to assist others in reaching their goals. His effective communication style is evident in the way Bill relates well to a diverse population in a variety of situations. He has a great attitude that adds to any function he is attending or overseeing. Bill doesn’t stop until the job is done well. I feel strongly that Bill will be a great addition and add value to any organization.”

Dorothy Johnson, Facilitator (Volunteer Position), The August

“Bill has a can do attitude. I have been in networking groups with him and I appreciate his friendly and professional way. Bill and I belong to a Linked In group called Red Sox Nation of Western NY. Bill created the event, picked the venue, made the arrangements and it was so much fun. He truly understands the goals of an event and how to create a lasting, positive impression.”

Deborah Mourey, Principal, Mourey Associates
was with another company when working with Bill at Pursuing employment opportunities

“I met Bill through the August Group. Bill first impressed me with his professional attitude and attire. People naturally gravitate to Bill. He takes great pride in his accomplishments with previous employers. Bill is very comfortable speaking in a large group and putting others at ease. Bill was asked to run a meeting with 30+ attendees. He came well prepared for the meeting, but went beyond the normal agenda to increase participation of all attendees. He is quick to think on his feet. Bill would make a great addition to any team.

Michele Heine, Software Project Manager, NexPress Solutions
was with another company when working with Bill at Pursuing employment opportunities

“Bill has been a dedicated volunteer at the American Red Cross for several months. His energy and passion to give back is something that many aspire to. Each week he has been dependable, prompt and willing to work on any task, big or small. I believe he would be a great asset to any organization.”

Jenna Buker, Special Events Coordinator, American Red Cross Greater Rochester Chapter
managed Bill at American Red Cross-Greater Rochester Chapter


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