Hi everyone and again, Welcome to Billy’s Bloggin Blast. This is the Movies/Video page. I will be putting the Movie of the week archives in this page. The Movies/Videos I add to the Blog are higher quality films or videos I find interesting and want to share. All of these movies I find are on the web and different sites. I preview every movie for content and quality. With that said I am relying on others bandwidth and site-functions. If you come across any errors on the links please let me know. Also, if you’ve seen any good videos or make one your-self, send it to me and I might put it in on my –of the week section. I am still learning and this page could look different from time to time. I am listing the films in chronological order from my postings. I hope you enjoy this page along with all the other content. Please feel free to comment on what you thought about the Movies.

–Bill Griffin

1.) HOME PROJECT This is a beautiful looking film in HD about our planet and it’s depleting resources. A must see!

2.) SPIDER When you take things too far. Creepy!

3.) MUTATION Outstanding 3D Animation This Technology is Brilliant!

4.) Tanghi Argentini A charming Belguim short about helping coworkers–Acadamy Award Winner ’08

5.) Our Time is Up Good short about facing your problems and fears starring Kevin Pollock

6.) Fire and Ice (Rock Around The Clock) Red Cross -Rochester Lipdub music video I’m in this!!



  1. I have finally recovered from Spider!

    • I was just as shocked when I saw it, but it was done well.

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